Green Services

In addition to traditional HVAC systems, South Mountain Mechanical Contractors offers “green” systems that are environmentally friendly and help reduce your energy costs.

Geothermal Systems

Your home deserves the ultimate heating/cooling and hot water system. South Mountain Mechanical Contractors can set up a geothermal system in your home that uses the earth and ground water to provide a natural, year round source of comfort.

What is a Geothermal System?

Geothermal, or ground source, heat pumps are electrically powered systems that take advantage of the earth’s relatively constant ground temperature to provide heating, cooling, and hot water for homes and commercial buildings.

  • Operates for up to 50% less than conventional heating/cooling equipment
  • Is friendly to the environment, helping to preserve natural resources
  • Is low maintenance, long lasting, and quiet

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Home Solar Power Systems

As a result of rising electricity prices solar panel installations have become a cost-effective choice for homeowners across the country. You can reduce your monthly utility costs, add immediate value to your home, and produce your own clean power by installing a solar panel system.

The Benefits of Solar Power

  • Avoid the rising costs of electric power from utility companies
  • Tax credits and rebates on solar power systems are available to home owners and businesses in most areas
  • In many states, you can sell your excess power back into the grid
  • Power from the sun produces no pollution or emissions
  • Rely completely on your own generating capacity and not on a utility company
  • Enjoy uninterrupted power to your home during power outages
  • Solar panels have no moving parts and are very low maintenance

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